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#008 Suzuki T250J ClassicRacer

wild mouse cycles - suzuki 250

During the 1960s, Suzuki showed that it was serious about staying at the forefront of the motorcycle business. In the fall of 1965, they introduced the T20 Hustler twin (aka X6 or Super Six) as a 1966 model with 250 cc two-stroke twin engine,  automatic oil injection and the world’s first six-speed transmission in a production motorcycle.

The T250, a tuned-up version of the T20, was manufactured from 1967 to 1972. It was replaced in 1973 by the GT250, another two-stroke 250 twin with its roots in the T20.
When the T250 model came it was a very competetive machine, despite its roots in the early sixties engineering. It had a 33 hp (crankshaft) two-stroke twin engine, Posi-Force Lubing system, six speed gearbox, rev counter and a twin leading shoe brake at the front. The T250 was light, sporty and economical.



Suzuki T250 J (1972)

  • Complete overhaul
  • Stock parts: frame, rear drum brake, gear box
  • New parts:
    • HPI electronic ignition
    • Kröber rev counter 0-12000
    • Carburettors: Mikuni VM 28 57
    • Omega alloy clip ons
    • CNC fork yokes (home design)
    • Fairing (home design paintwork), front and rear mud guard, fuel tank and seat
    • front wheel: 18” Excel rim with 180mm single single-leading shoe double drum brake
    • front suspension: MZ ETZ 250
    • rear wheel: 18” Excel rim with 180
    • rear suspension: Ikon
    • replica Bimota rear set
    • tyres: front Avon AM20 90/90-M18 / rear Avon AM22 110/80 VF 18R
    • Engine tuning and suspension set up: Nix Motoren
    • Exhaust: Nix Motoren




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