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#017 Peugeot Randonneur


Peugeot is a French manufacturer founded by Jean Pequignot Peugeot, a 19th-century manufacturer of water mills. Using the mills’ profits, Peugeot expanded with a steelworks in Montbéliard, which Jean Peugeot ran with a colleague and his two brothers.

The company’s trademark, a lion, was created in 1858 by an engraver, Justin Blazer, who lived near the factory. The company turned their steel into knives and forks, hydraulic equipment and, from 1882, bicycles, sold as Cycles Peugeot.

  • Kader : 56cm
  • Wielen : 28inch
  • Bouwjaar : ??
  • Group : Sachs – Huret
  • Stuurpen : Atag
  • Remmen : Weinmann




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