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#008 Suzuki T250J ClassicRacer

During the 1960s, Suzuki showed that it was serious about staying at the forefront of the motorcycle business. In the fall of 1965, they introduced the T20 Hustler twin (aka X6 or Super Six) as a 1966 model with 250 cc two-stroke twin engine,  automatic oil injection and the world’s first six-speed transmission in a production […]

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#007 Triumph TRW “The ressurection”

The Triumph TRW was designed in 1943, but by the time the bike was finished, the war was over and the military had a surplus of bikes left over. In 1948 the TRW was released in it’s final form and were sold to the British Army as well as other branches of the military, at […]

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#005 Honda CB750 Manx Caferacer

The Honda CB750 is an air-cooled transverse in-line four cylinder engine motorcycle made by Honda over several generations for year models 1969–2003 as well as 2007 with an upright or standard riding posture. It is often called the original Universal Japanese Motorcycle.

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#002 BSA A65

De BSA Thunderbolt was een Britse motorfiets gemaakt door BSA in hun fabriek in Armory Road in Small Heath Birmingham tussen 1964 en 1972. De Thunderbolt heeft één carburateur en kon een maximale snelheid halen van 160km/h.

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#001 BSA C12

The BSA C12 was een Britse pre-unit motor die werd geproduceerd door de Birmingham Small Arms Company van 1956 tot 1958. De C12 gebruikte dezelfde motor als de eerdere C11G met de vierversnellingsbak, maar in een moderner chassis met een swingarm achtervering. Kleine motoraanpassingen betekenden dat het ook veel betrouwbaarder was.

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